Lincoln Sun Bloc receives coveted Horse & Hound ‘Approved’ Award

Horse & Hound’s test group recently performed a review of Equine-specific Sun Creams available to purchase in the UK and we are delighted to confirm that our Sun Bloc was awarded the coveted Horse & Hound ’Approved’ status.

The reviewers assessed the products on 4 categories – Performance, Ease of use, Long Lasting & Value.

The final verdict; ‘A great product, provides full coverage and I would 100% recommend for pink noses!’

Perfect for horses and ponies with pink muzzles and sensitive skin, Lincoln Sun Block contains both UVA & UVB filters, including Zinc Oxide’ a proven UVA filter along with Aloe Vera to soothe and Lanolin to moisturise. It is water-resistant to ensure each application is long-lasting & resilient. Areas to protect include muzzles, scars and areas of photosensitive skin.

It contains no added perfumes or scent. The product also contains a pale pink marker which acts as a marker when applying to the skin. It also contains no ingredients which contravene competition rules (as of today’s date).

Dual-purpose; it acts as protection for delicate skin whilst also soothing any areas already sunburnt.

At just £11.99 for 200g Sun Bloc is economical and lasts a long time, even when applied daily.

For more information, check out Lincoln Sun Bloc by clicking here.

To read the review from Horse & Hound click here.