Mud Management Part One – Prevention

As the temperature starts to drop, the leaves start to fall and the nights consistently draw in, we know that the long dark weeks of winter aren’t too far away.

In the life of a horse owner this generally means hard work, less riding and mud…. lots and lots of MUD!

Managing horses in mud is no easy task – for some the priority is gateways and pasture, whilst for others there are the more sinister skin problems to deal with.  As with anything; ‘prevention is always better than a cure’ and early action is recommended.

The Lincoln Muddy Buddy range is a collection of 5 products, offering something for every scenario in the different stages of mud management – Cleansing, Protection & Soothing.

Let’s talk Prevention!

The skin has its own natural barriers made up of oils and skin cells which in everyday conditions does a fantastic job. Unfortunately when skin is consistently exposed to wet, muddy conditions these natural barriers can break down, leaving the skin vulnerable to chapping, chafing and abrasion – all of which break open the top layer of skin, allowing bacteria to act.

The best way to avoid problems is to protect the skin by reinforcing the barrier between it and the mud. The Lincoln Muddy Buddy range has 2 options for protecting the skin, Muddy Buddy Ointment & Muddy Buddy Powder. They can be used separately or for full ‘belt and braces’ use them together.

Muddy Buddy Ointment is an antibacterial waterproof barrier, formulated to protect and sooth the heels and lower legs in wet muddy conditions, allowing horses to be turned out in less than perfect conditions.  It also gives protection in long, dewy grass when the skin can become damp and softened and prone to damage.

Muddy Buddy Powder is an antibacterial powder which shields skin from wet and mud. It forms a non-sticky water-repellent ‘film’ which mud can’t stick to so it literally just ‘slips off’. It prevents softening & cracking, supporting the skin’s natural barrier. Ideal for working in sand arenas, as the sand doesn’t stick to it and it can be used under brushing boots for antibacterial protection and to reduce abrasion.

For severe conditions, you can use the Muddy Buddy Ointment on the heels and the Muddy Buddy Powder up the legs.

To wash or not to wash? – the big debate!

It’s inevitable that the legs will become dirty whilst turned out, and preventative products will also create a build-up on the hair/feathers which you will want to remove. In order to see clearly the condition of the skin and check for any early signs of problems, it is only natural to want to wash off the legs.

We don’t recommend over-washing of the legs, ideally once a week should be enough to check for any problems under the mud and for any early signs or a problem.  The key thing to remember when it comes to washing the legs is NOT the washing but the DRYING! Leaving the legs damp following bathing, creates a moist warm environment on the skin surface which is the ideal situation for opportunistic bacteria to start a problem.  When washing it is also important to use a product formulated specifically for the job.

Muddy Buddy Scrub is a gentle wash with a powerful broad-spectrum antibacterial agent to combat harmful bacteria present in muddy, wet conditions. It effectively cleans mud and dirt, helping to maintain hygienically clean skin.

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