Lincoln Heritage Cream Wins Best In Test 2021

Lincoln Heritage Leather Cream outperforms other brands to win ‘BEST IN TEST’ 2021 for Tack Cleaning.

Horse & Rider Magazine recently performed a rigorous ‘Tried & Tested’ on tack cleaners currently on the market in 2021 on behalf of their readers.  We are delighted to be awarded ‘Best in Test’ for our Lincoln Heritage Leather Cream!

Lincoln Heritage Leather Cream is a complete ‘all in one’ leather treatment which cleans, restores polishes and supples all leather tack using a combination of Lanolin and natural waxes. It contains no Glycerine.

The tack cleaners were reviewed from 8 different brands on leather tack regularly used for ridden work.  The criteria the independent testers were asked to assess was the ability to tackle dirt of all kinds from watermarks to mud, sand, sweat and more. 

The panel of testers were asked to pay special attention to:

  • The ease and quality of the clean
  • The finish left on the leather following use
  • Longevity of results

Lincoln Heritage Leather Cleaner received ‘Best in Test’ for being the most effect and versatile product which offered a finish that lasted.

The tester’s report said:

“Easy to apply and the cleaning and conditioning qualities saved time.  A little went a long way so found it lasted longer than some other products.  Has a lovely smell!  Worked well and had long-lasting results without leaving a residue.  Saw a real improvement in suppleness of the leather and has been used to bring back some neglected tack with great results”

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