Lincoln Platinum – Powered by Science

A range of scientifically unique formulations, created with your horse’s health and performance at the forefront of development.

Lincoln understands that nutrition is the key to optimum health & performance, recognising that our 21st century domesticated equines lead a life which is a far cry from that lived by their wild ancestors. Following the changes in domestication and management, the physiology of the horse remains unchanged, however their diet and the way they live has changed almost beyond all recognition.

These lifestyle, dietary & management changes are not without their consequences, providing us with the challenge of bridging the void in nutritional balance. Lincoln’s Platinum range has been formulated with both the NRC (National Research Council) & the BASF recommended levels of nutrients for horses at the forefront of their development.

The current range comprises of 10 supplements covering the key elements of nutritional support for both leisure and performance horses. The products do not contravene either the FEI rules or the rules of racing.

The Secret Behind Some of the Ingredients


Neutrophils are the most common inflammatory cell involved in equine allergies. Glcyrrhizic acid (the active ingredient in liquorice root) has been shown to reduce the infiltration of neutrophils. It also contains flavonoids to soothe inflammation & irritation of the respiratory tract, being proven to relax bronchial spasms.

Live Yeast

Probiotics are the latest buzz word in equine nutrition. Feeding a live yeast as a probiotic, encourages the growth of good bacteria thus inhibiting the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.


A water soluble vitamin, Biotin is synthesised by the bacteria in the hindgut and plays a role in cell production. Horses deficient in Biotin may suffer from poor hoof quality.


Supplementary Methionine has been found to be influential in the battle against brittle hooves. Methionine is an amino acid in keratin, a vital element within the hoof horn.


Turmeric has been scientifically proven to act both as an anti-oxidant & act as an anti-inflammatory.


Magnesium exists as both a pure substance and in combination with other elements in nature. Pure Magnesium cannot bed fed to horses, so to supplement the diet successfully Magnesium compounds are frequently used.
Low Magnesium levels in horses, has been shown to affect neuromuscular function when induced chemically. Magnesium supplementation has been shown to alter headshaking behaviour in horses.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital for the synthesis of collagen. Lincoln Platinum includes Vitamin C in its highest bioavailable form, ensuring the best possible protection for your horse’s joints.


Lincoln Platinum supplements are easily distinguishable from the Lincoln range due to their bright red lids – red symbolizing power & strength.