Lincoln Classic Horse Shampoo

from £6.50

A shampoo you can rely on, for beautiful results time after time.

Nourishes, leaving the coat clean, healthy and shiny.

Key benefits

  • A trusted formulation.
  • For beautiful, reliable results time after time.
  • Thoroughly cleanses the coat & skin, leaving it clean, fresh & healthy.
  • pH neutral formulation to suit your horse's skin.
  • Perfect for routine or frequent bathing.
  • Suitable for all horses & ponies.

Directions of use

1 Wet the coat thoroughly with warm water.
2 Apply sufficient shampoo to produce a good lather.
3 Massage deep into the coat.
4 Rinse well with clean water, remove any surplus with a sweat scraper. Allow to dry thoroughly.


  • For topical use on animals only.
  • Do not use near the eyes.
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