Lincoln Classic Leather Dressing

from £8.99

A water-resistant dressing enhanced with Lanolin. This proven and established product forms a barrier allowing mud and sweat to be removed easily. Protects new leather and renovates old leather.

Key benefits

  • Keeps leather soft & supple, ensuring it feels comfortable for the horse.
  • Prevents leather drying out & cracking.
  • Saves time - tack is easier to just wipe clean, easily removing dirt, sweat & mud.
  • Protects new leather.
  • Renovates older wron in leather.
  • Helps prevent mildew growth when leather is stored.
  • Waterproofs.

Directions of use

1 Shake well before use.
2 Apply sparingly and evenly to clean leather with a soft brush or a dry cloth.
3 Allow time for the product to penetrate & absorb into the leather before use.


  • Do not use on suede.
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