Lincoln Glycerine Gel Soap


A modern take on Glycerine Soap in a handy hook up pack. Convenient to dispense and apply. Milder than traditional soaps. Gently cleans and nourishes.

  • 250ml

Key benefits

  • A modern twist on traditional glycerine leather soap.
  • No water is needed, making it quick & effective at removing dirt, sweat & grease.
  • Milder & gentler than traditional leather soaps.
  • Glycerine nourishes the leather leaving it soft & supple.
  • Easy to hang in the tack room or lorry.
  • Quick & simple - just squeeze onto tack, clean & go!

Directions of use

1 Squeeze a small amount & apply sparingly using a soft cloth/sponge.
2 Run in well.
3 Allow to dry naturally.
4 Finish/Buff using a dry cloth.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use on suede.
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