Lincoln Hair Polish


For that long-lasting, definitive glossy show-ring shine. Creates a superb sheen on the coat. Protects the hair and repels dirt and dust, significantly reducing time spent grooming. Helps keep the mane and tail tangle free.

  • 500ml

Key benefits

  • Gloss & shine guaranteed in one simple application.
  • Premium grade silicones suspended in a non-greasy formulation for mess-free application.
  • Eliminates static build up.
  • Reduces grooming time.
  • Used regularly it will help to prevent stains & soiling, allowing your horse to stay cleaner for longer.
  • Outstanding photo finish results.
  • Easy & pleasant to use.
  • Results that last!

Directions of use

1 Spray evenly onto a clean coat from approx. 10-15cm.
2 Rub in with a soft cloth.
3 Use all over or just on the points to highlight muscle tone & definition.
4 Allow to dry & finish with a clean soft brush for outstanding shine that lasts.


  • Avoid spraying near the eyes.
  • For topical use on horses only.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
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