Lincoln Hint of a Tint


Enhances and enriches the natural colour of the coat, leaving it looking radiant and beautiful. Contains Lanolin and Neroli Oil to create definition and shine.

The concentrated formulations means a little goes a long way, giving outstanding results.

4 formulations tailored to suit individual coat colours.


Black – Intensifies and deepens the ebony tones.

Bay (all shades) – Highlights the earthy brown tones

Chestnut & Roan – Revives, brightens and highlights the natural colour tones.

Grey/Coloured – Whitens & brightens

Key benefits

  • Specifically formulated to highlight & intensify tones for outstanding shine, colour & beauty.
  • Deep cleaning to remove dust, grease & stains.
  • Enhances & deepens the colour.
  • Lanolin creates definition & shine for incredible results (black, bay & chestnut)
  • Rich, concentrated formulation produces dazzling white results (white)

Directions of use

1 Wet the coat thoroughly with warm water.
2 Apply sufficient shampoo to produce a good lather
3 Massage deep into the coat.
4 Rinse well with clean water, remove any surplus with a sweat scraper.
5 Allow to dry thoroughly.


  • For topical use on horses only.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes.
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