Lincoln Intensive Hoof Moisturiser


Optimises moisture balance in dry and brittle hooves. A technologically advanced product containing natural Keratin Amino Acids. Formulated with added Glycerine and vegetable oils for optimum hoof condition. Contains a mild antibacterial agent to help guard against everyday hoof infection.

  • 600g

Key benefits

  • Technologically advanced for the effective rehydration of dry, brittle hooves.
  • Fortified with natural Keratin amino acids, Glycerine & Sunflower Oil to rebalance & optimise hoof moisture for maximum strength & pliability.
  • Added antibacterial agents inhibit growth of bacteria in cracks & crevices.
  • Restores moisture & pilability to weak, brittle hooves.
  • Helps to prevent cracking caused through concussion.
  • Maintains hooves in optimum condition.
  • Supports healthy hoof growth.
  • Improves shoe retention.

Directions of use

1 Clean hooves thoroughly before applying.
2 Apply using a stiff brush to the hoof wall & sole including coronary band & brush in well.
3 Repeat frequently.


  • For topical use on horses only.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
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