Lincoln Iodine Solution


A general purpose skin cleanser. Comes in a convenient to use spray pack.

  • 250ml

Key benefits

  • A traditional antiseptic skin cleanser for minor wounds, abrasions, insect bites & stings.
  • A general purpose solution to cleanse the skin.
  • Sanitises the hooves & frog.
  • Can be applied directly to dressings & bandages.
  • Contains alcohol.

Directions of use

1 Apply to clean areas.
2 Spray directly onto the area.
3 Suitable to use on minor wounds, abrasions & bites.
4 Can also be applied directly to the hoof, sole or frog.
5 Repeat as necessary.


  • For the external use only.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
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