Lincoln Tea Tree Oil Ointment


An effective antibacterial ointment containing natural Tea Tree Oil and traditional Flowers of Sulphur. Moisturises dry, cracked skin and optimises natural healing of minor cuts and scratches. Ideal for use as a heel ointment in wet and muddy conditions. Water resistant.

  • 500g

Key benefits

  • A soothing antibacterial & water resistant barrier.
  • Formulated using Tea Tree Oil & traditional Flowers of Sulphur to protect the skin in wet, muddy conditions.
  • Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil traditionally known for its antibacterial & antifungal properties whilst Sulphur also has powerful antibacterial properties.
  • Antibacterial & antifungal.
  • Creates a water resistant barrier against opportunistic bcteria in wet & mud.
  • Moisturises & lubricates dry, cracked skin.
  • Easy & pleasant to apply.
  • Optimises natural healing.

Directions of use

1 Apply sparingly to sore skin, minor scratches & wounds.
2 Rub in gently
3 To use as an effective barrier
4 Apply more liberally to create a soothing, antibacterial barrier in muddy & wet conditions.


  • For external use only.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Sulphur content can tarnish silver jewellery.
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