Lincoln Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

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A deep cleansing shampoo enhanced with natural Tea Tree Oil, known for its potent antibacterial properties. Regular use will ensure a clean, scurf free, healthy coat. Protein-rich. Contains additional moisturising agents. Leaves the coat looking clean and shiny.

Key benefits

  • Natural & gentle.
  • A deep cleansing shampoo harnessing the natural antibacterial properties of Tea Tree Oil.
  • Regular use promotes healthy skin & coat, revitalising the horse's natural bloom.
  • Removes grease, scurf, dust & odours.
  • Added proteins strengthen the hair shaft.
  • Ideal to use throughout winter when horses are rugged.

Directions of use

1 Wet the coat thoroughly with warm water.
2 Apply sufficient shampoo to produce a rich lather.
3 Massage the lather into the coat.
4 Leave for a few minutes, then rinse well with clean, warm water.
5 Remove excess water & allow to dry.


  • For topical use on horses only.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes.
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