Christmas Treats

Thelwell Advent Calendar

New for 2020 A premium Advent Calendar for 2020 featuring 8 of Thelwell’s humorous illustrations of horses and ponies. A... more

Lincoln Snowman Advent Calendar

Introducing a beautiful new design for 2020 - Boris the Exmoor pony making friends with a snowman. The snowman image... more

Lincoln Christmas Stocking

Fun Christmas stocking containing 3 packs of 150g Lincoln Christmas Horse Bix.

Lincoln Christmas Horse Treats Tin

Treat your horse this Christmas with this attractively designed tin, containing 750g of Lincoln Herb Stix. After your horse has... more

Lincoln Christmas Horse Bix

A fun Christmas design of the popular Lincoln Horse Bix. A naturally flavoured titbit, foil wrapped for extra freshness. Horses... more