Lincoln Heavy Duty Trug

Ideal for feeding, drinking, bathing and storage. Incredibly strong and durable. Two Carry Handles. Colour coordinated with all your favourite... more

Lincoln Easi-Skip

A strong skip made from recycled rubber and plastic. Flexible and virtually indestructible. Smooth, easy clean finish. Large and comfortable... more

Lincoln Water Bucket Brush

A versatile brush for the stable and yard. Polypropylene fill is angled to get into the corners of the bucket.

Lincoln Easy-Measure

A high-quality robust glass tape measure to calculate the approximate height and weight of horses.

Lincoln Spring Balance

A high-quality spring balance featuring a steel wire hook. Ideal for weighing hay. Can be attached to a high hanging... more

Lincoln Small Holed Mesh Hay Net

A large small holed mesh hay net for use with hay or haylage for less waist and slower consumption. 4... more

Lincoln Large Polypropylene Hay Net

A large polypropylene mesh hay net with rings at the top and bottom.

Lincoln Polypropylene Hay Net

Polypropylene mesh hay net with rings at the top and bottom.

Lincoln Bucket

Lincoln branded multi-functional bucket and lid. Ideal for feeding, storage and bathing. Colour coordinated with all your Lincoln products and... more

Lincoln Small Holed Hay Net

An extra large hay net. Small holed for less waste and slower consumption. Great value for money.

Lincoln Sponge

A large high quality sponge. Size: 6" x 4.5" x 1.5".