First Aid

Lincoln Epsom Salts

A traditional horse care solution with a variety of uses on the yard. Generally used as a drawing agent to... more

Lincoln First Aid Travel Bag

Everything you need for travel in a handy drawstring bag. Ideal to keep on the lorry or grab when towing.... more

Lincoln Equocrem

Lincoln Equocrem is a Zinc Oxide based antibacterial First Aid Cream, enhanced with Benzyl Benzoate & Lavender Oil to produce... more

Lincoln Silver Wound Cream

A soothing antibacterial cream containing an effective Silver complex. Will soothe and aid the natural healing process. Ideal for minor... more

Lincoln Arnica Cream

For application to all types of bruising resulting from injuries or knocks and for application to swellings and tired and... more

Lincoln Iodine Solution

A general purpose skin cleanser. Comes in a convenient to use spray pack.

Lincoln Witch Hazel & Arnica Gel

A pleasantly fragranced soothing gel for application to tired muscles and bruised skin. Witch Hazel will act as an effective... more

Lincoln Distilled Witch Hazel

A traditional & versatile astringent solution for topical application to bruises, swellings, bites & stings. Distilled from the bark of... more

Lincoln Equo-Scrub

A powerful skin cleanser suitable to clean minor wounds, grazes & stings (when diluted following label instructions). Contains Chlorhexidine.

Lincoln Purple Spray

An antibacterial and anti-fungal spray containing Gentian Violet for use on minor cuts and abrasions. Non-sting formula. Trigger spray for... more

Lincoln Tea Tree Oil Ointment

An effective antibacterial ointment containing natural Tea Tree Oil and traditional Flowers of Sulphur. Moisturises dry, cracked skin and optimises... more

Lincoln Antibacterial Powder

An absorbent antibacterial powder for application to minor cuts and scratches on horses. Optimises the natural healing process. Packaged in... more

Lincoln Antibacterial Green Oil

A soothing, water-resistant antibacterial spray for use on minor cuts and abrasions. Contains the powerful antibacterial agent PCMC. Trigger spray... more

Lincoln Antibacterial Green Gel

A soothing, water-resistant antibacterial barrier for minor cuts and abrasions.

Lincoln Magic Gel

Powerfully enriched skin conditioning gel with Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Comfrey, Tea Tree and Calendula extracts. Promotes optimal skin condition and... more