Fly Repellents

Lincoln Power Repel

Ultimate strength Insect Repellent for powerful, reliable defence. Dual-action formulation utilises Deet plus PMD for effective protection for up to... more

Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent

Powerful long lasting dual action formula, one application can be effective for up to 12 hours (in normal conditions). Contains... more

Lincoln Roll-On Fly Repellent

This handy to use pack contains a combination of gentle yet effective fly repellents. The water-based formula with additional moisturising... more

Lincoln Water Based Fly Repellent

A gentler water-based fly repellent. Powerful, long lasting, dual action formula. Contains DEET with the new generation fly repellent PMD. ... more

Lincoln Fly Stoppa

High performance, dual action fly repellent with the additional antibacterial benefits of natural Tea Tree Oil. Water based. Contains skin... more