Grooming Accessories

Lincoln Plaiting Thread Reel

250 metres of satin finish polyester cotton mix.

Lincoln Plaiting Kit

Contains: 3 x Wenzel Plaiting Thread, 1 x Plait Aid, 1 x Packet of Plaiting Bands, 1 x Plaiting Scissors... more

Lincoln Ultimate Brush

For All Horses and Ponies For All Types of Horse Hair Gentle on the Coat Can Be Used When Shampooing... more

Lincoln Plaiting Thread

15 metres of Wenzel plaiting thread on a card complete with needle. Packs of 12 containing 4 black, 4 brown... more

Lincoln Rubber Curry Comb

Traditional rubber curry comb with rubber handle.

Lincoln Super Groomer

Remove dirt and grime easily with the Lincoln Super Groomer! Interlocking silicon wires create a soft yet durable surface that... more

Lincoln Rubber Grooming Mitt

A rubber grooming aid to help easily remove mud, sweat marks and shedding coat. This flexible mit easily fits any... more

Lincoln Expandable Sponge

This general purpose compact sponge is ideal for bathing. Expands when in water.

Lincoln Cactus Grooming Mitt

Helps the removal of grass and stable stains, sweat marks and general grooming.

Lincoln Fetlock Scissors

Stainless steel scissors with a curved blade for ease of use and plastic handles.

Lincoln Mane & Tail Scissors

Finest quality, well balanced 6" stainless steel scissors with plastic handle. Ideal for cutting or trimming manes and tails. Comes... more

Lincoln Dogbone Sponge

Ideal for bathing. Fits well in the hand.

Lincoln Shampoo Brush

Ideal for assisting with bathing, helps lather and clean your horse. Also good for hoof cleaning. Making light work of... more

Lincoln Rubber Sponge Curry Comb

Ideal for use when bathing. The rubber teeth work deep into the coat whilst using the sponge for more sensitive... more

Lincoln Water Bucket Brush

A versatile brush for the stable and yard. Polypropylene fill is angled to get into the corners of the bucket.

Lincoln Shedding Blade

A fine tooth blade ideal for removing loose hair and dirt from the coat.

Lincoln Sheepskin Grooming Mitt

Soft and luxurious sheepskin mitt, perfect for the removal of dust and polishing the coat. Can also be used for... more

Lincoln Grooming Block

Ideal for removing loose hair, dried mud and bot eggs. The old favourite!

Lincoln Plastic Mane Comb

An everyday mane comb.

Lincoln Ultimate Groomer

This great product quickly and easily removes the undercoat and loose hair without damaging the topcoat. Also removes dirt, used... more

Lincoln Plaiting Bands

Approximately 500 per pack. Excellent quality, stretchy plaiting bands. Ideal for that winning look!

Lincoln Sponge

A large high quality sponge. Size: 6" x 4.5" x 1.5".

Lincoln Step & Groom

Two separate units fit together for ease of storage and carrying. Deep tray for storage of tools and accessories. Two... more

Lincoln Plait Aid

Four pronged comb makes it easy to divide the mane into equal sections for plaiting.