Grooming Sprays

Lincoln Total Stain Eraze

A powerful formulation to effectively lift and remove stains from white markings and light coloured coats. Deep cleans and brightens,... more

Lincoln Plaiting Mist

The ideal combination of grip and conditioning to allow you to plait easily & quickly whilst creating strong, neat plaits... more

Lincoln Concealer Spray Aerosol

A coloured spray to conceal any blemishes on horse's coats. Use brown on brown & bay coats, black on black... more

Lincoln Silky Shine Coat Enhancer Spray

A glossifying spray to add sparkle and shine to the coat. Perfect for the showring.

Lincoln Total Groom

The ideal time-saving grooming product. Removes dirt and stains, leaving the coat looking and feeling at its very best -... more

Lincoln Stain Remover

Effectively removes stubborn grass and manure stains with ease. Contains 3 active ingredients for broad-spectrum stain removal. Handy to use... more

Lincoln Hair Polish

For that long-lasting, definitive glossy show-ring shine. Creates a superb sheen on the coat. Protects the hair and repels dirt... more