Specialised Support

Lincoln Itchy Switchy S.O.S Skin Shield

A protective barrier cream. Effectively blocks insect bites. Non-greasy and water-based.

Lincoln Itchy Switchy S.O.S Skin Aid

A cooling, soothing lotion for hypersensitive skin affected by fly and midge bites. This advanced emulsion utilises Benzyl Benzoate &... more

Lincoln Itchy Switchy S.O.S Shampoo

More than just a shampoo! An ‘anti-rub’ cleanser formulated for use regularly from March through to November, or whenever Midges... more

Lincoln Herbs Milk Thistle Seeds

Lincoln Herbs Milk Thistle Seeds contains whole seeds taken from the thistle head. Historically used to promote milk production, Milk... more

Lincoln Herbs Laminide

Lincoln Herbs Laminide offers targeted nutritional support for horses & ponies, helping to maintain circulation throughout the hoof capillary bed... more

Lincoln Herbs Liver Klense

A scientifically developed herbal supplement to support & maintain a healthy liver, optimising & supporting its diverse range of essential... more

Lincoln Herbs Quititch

A herbal supplement, scientifically formulated to utilise nature’s botanical properties to support the skin’s integrity & immunity, aiming to minimise... more

Lincoln Herbs Immunoherb

A scientifically formulated herbal supplement to support an efficient & healthy immune system. Immunoherb offers nutritional, natural support throughout all... more

Lincoln Herbs Hormonal

A scientifically formulated herbal supplement to support the physical & emotional changes which occur during & around oestrus, avoiding the... more

Lincoln Sun Bloc

A protective, soothing sun block cream developed to safeguard delicate, exposed areas of skin which are at a high risk... more

Lincoln Blood Tonic

A perfectly balanced daily tonic which is rich in iron.  Optimises performance, restoring your horse’s natural sparkle and energy.A palatable ‘pick... more

Lincoln Fungiklenz

An antifungal sanitising scrub, which offers unrivalled ability to deeply cleanse the coat and skin whilst removing stubborn fungal and... more