Tack Care & Equipment

Lincoln Measuring Stick

Ideal for measuring your horse

Lincoln Starter Bucket

A lidded Lincoln bucket containing starter essentials for new horse owners. Contents include Lincoln Classic Horse Shampoo 500ml, Lincoln Piaffe... more

Lincoln Corn Broom

Wooden handled corn broom.

Lincoln Stud Kit

Stud kit in a plastic box. Contains 8 x small studs, 8 x large studs, 8 x set screws, 1... more

Lincoln Spring Balance

A high-quality spring balance featuring a steel wire hook. Ideal for weighing hay. Can be attached to a high hanging... more

Lincoln Leather Punch

Revolves to give a variety of hole sizes to suit all your needs. With plastic coated handle.

Lincoln Bucket

Lincoln branded multi-functional bucket and lid. Ideal for feeding, storage and bathing. Colour coordinated with all your Lincoln products and... more

Lincoln Step & Groom

Two separate units fit together for ease of storage and carrying. Deep tray for storage of tools and accessories. Two... more