Yard & Stable

Lincoln Wax Dressing Aerosol

A convenient to use preparation for reproofing wax cotton jackets. Ideal for reproofing the whole garment or touching up small... more

Lincoln Insecticidal Lice Control Powder+

A ready to use Permethrin based insecticidal powder of low mammalian toxicity which combines rapid knockdown and kill with sustained... more

Lincoln Stable Deodoriser

A natural antibacterial deodoriser for use in stables. Removes odours, improving the overall air quality for a more comfortable environment... more

Lincoln Carbolic Powder

A disinfectant powder for use around the stable.  Excellent for preventing bedding from being eaten and helps to deter flies.... more

Lincoln Water Proofing Aerosol

Handy to use for all purpose waterproofing. For conveniently waterproofing rugs and all canvas material. Ideal for stitching. Dual action... more

Lincoln Clipper Oil

A fine lubricating oil for use with all types of clippers. Contains a powerful antibacterial agent. Cleans, lubricates and disinfects.

Lincoln Weather Proofa Universal

All-purpose waterproofing for both canvas and nylon rugs. Highly effective silicone-based formula. Dries to an odourless and colourless finish. Easy... more

Lincoln Stop Cribbing Liquid

A clear colourless liquid for application to wooden doors, rugs, bandages etc. to deter chewing and gnawing.

Lincoln Stop Cribbing Grease

An effective aid for deterring crib-biting and general antisocial behaviour. For application to doors, wooden rails, fences etc. Solid ointment... more

Lincoln Applicator Brush Pack

A plastic screw neck container with brush applicator. Ideal for Hoof Oil or Leather Dressing. The cap acts as a... more

Lincoln Stop Cribbing Paint

A liquid version of the best-selling Lincoln Stop Cribbing Grease. An effective aid for deterring crib-biting and general antisocial behaviour.... more

Lincoln Crib-Biting Preventative

An effective, dual action, water-resistant anti crib preparation for use on gates, fences and stable doors. Non-staining. Contains Bitrex (Denatonium... more