Born out of a passion for horses and their wellbeing, Lincoln horse care products have been a staple item on tack room shelves for over 40 years, earning the trust and confidence of horse owners all over the world; from grassroots through to top level competition. Our range of products remain as popular today as when they were first launched in 1981 and our highly distinguishable black bottles with yellow lids and caps have become recognised as the hallmark for top quality products which offer great value for money.

Akin to the historic Roman city from which we take our name, our brand has stood strong through the test of time by adapting to changes; both in the equestrian industry and horse management practices, evolving into the 21st century stronger than ever. We strive to remain connected with horse owners, grooms & professionals to continuously roll out new products, with many demonstrating an innovative twist on traditional horse care products.

Formulated & manufactured in the United Kingdom since inception, we are incredibly proud of our British heritage. Our products are scientifically formulated and manufactured using up to date technology, utilising only high-quality ingredients.  We only manufacture products we would be happy to use on our own horses.

Our extensive product range has continued to grow throughout the years and now features 15 specialised categories filled with equine essentials.  The range covers all aspects of leather care, skin and coat care, first aid, fly protection, joint care, calmers, hoof care and nutritional and conditioning support and even includes yard equipment.  We continually listen to owner feedback and in 2018, due to the growth of the product range, we performed a rebrand; introducing colour-coded categories to assist in selecting the desired products.

In 2018, Lincoln Herbs was launched – a collection of high-specification, natural supplements, created for a more natural approach to nutritional supplementation.  Lincoln Herbs are distinguished through their green lids.
Our mantra is to continually focus on new developments & improvements which both enhance & promote the health and performance of horses and ponies, both now & in the future.